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We rely on our employees' experience and competence in the manufacture of advanced machines and plants for the textile industry while maintaining a cooperative partnership with our customers. The development of individual and economically efficient solutions for the textile industry is one of the challenges Neuenhauser Group faces together with internationally experienced companies. All of our products and processes are precisely tailored to the customer's needs.

Tell us directly what we can do for you. We are the global leaders in the automated handling of natural and chemical fiber yarn bobbins as well as in the field of ascending batch and center winders. We possess the highest competences in electrical engineering and design.

If you are facing a challenge, we will resolve it together with you. We place as much value on open exchanges with our customers to fulfil their individual requirements as we do on the quality of our products, which we inspect with great thoroughness. We orientate ourselves on our customers in our entire thinking and actions.

Here we trust completely in the competence of our employees, who are able to develop within the technology and innovation-friendly climate of the entire Neuenhauser Group. Every idea brings us further.


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