The appropriate winders for individual applications



The selection of the right winders with optimally-adapted functions is the decisive criterion for goods rolls of the highest quality. As a leading company in the field of ascending batch and center winders, Neuenhauser is able to offer customers the best solutions at favorable prices.

Neuenhauser wide spectrum of winders for very different fabrics, knitted fabrics and non-woven fabrics is based on over 30 years’ experience and know-how continuously collected over this time period. In this way, we are able to provide our customers special products with maximum efficiency, in particular for the winding of technical fabrics such as coating fabrics, geotextiles, glass fabric and tire cord.

Available From Neuenhauser Suzhou

More Advanced Winders From Neuenhauser

  • CenterWinder TF / TFS

    Carefully-regulated winding power

  • OptiWinder

    Many good options

  • Combiwinder

    Two hearts in one machine


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